The White House

No more Dijon mustard siding, we've moved onto prettier things, pure white!

Now that we're in the middle of the city inspection (that "should" pass this week), insulating is right around the corner. As I was scheduling insulation, I quickly realized the metal roofing material was yet to be installed! And then I remembered the roofer saying he would like the exterior painted beforehand to prevent overspray of white paint on the black roof. At that point, it was crunch time. We had exactly two-in-a-half weeks to hire a painter, wrap up siding, and install the roof.

I had meetings with three painters. One flaked, one was 3x over budget, and the other got hired! The painter had a week to complete the job and finished on time. The siding guys worked simultaneously, getting their part done. This now gives the roofer all week to put up the metal roof material. Currently, everything is on schedule and we should be ready for insulation next week.

Now back to Emilioooooo's killer paint job! 

I'm about 98% sure I want a colored front door so I gave the temporary construction door a coat of blue/gray paint. I don't think it's the one but will do for now..

2016-09-16 20.20.25.jpg
2016-09-16 20.20.06.jpg

Cypress wood was installed under the canopies and master balcony soffit. Obsessed!

This week when the roof is installed, they'll be wrapping the front side of the canopies with metal. It's going to look dynamite. The front porch brick surround is the last major thing left to do on the exterior!