I'm Beaming

I am a big fan of exposed wood beams! I think they add instant character to a new home. Below are some of my favorite examples...

A few months ago, I contacted a good friend who owns Texas Reclaimed about helping me find reclaimed wood beams for the house. I knew I could trust her to find something beautiful and affordable. She was able to locate oak hand hewn beams and tack them onto another larger Austin order to be brought down from Pennsylvania to help save on freight. The delivery was exciting but intense. I knew they'd be heavy, but underestimated the man power to offload.

Fortunately, we had the numbers on hand and more importantly, no one got hurt! It took seven guys to carry the largest 1,000 pound beam into the house.


That 29 foot beam will sit parallel to a 15 foot beam anchoring the living room, dining, and kitchen space (similar to the picture below).

The other two smaller beams will be in the master bathroom like the image below.

Down the road, we'll be adding faux beams made from reclaimed wood to the upstairs den and bedroom vaulted ceilings. These beams aren't structural so aren't a priority at the moment.

Well, now onto the hard part, hanging them. Wish us luck!