Dream Home: Exterior Inspiration

Back when we were searching for a home to buy and renovate, we kept coming across old homes with major and costly issues. Just to get the home to a livable state, the foundation, plumbing and electrical all needed updated, the exterior and interior needed a huge facelift, and eventually, we would want to add square footage (eventually as in asap!). We could have looked for a finished home but that was never an option for us.

My brilliant husband then threw out the idea of building. Ideally, I wanted to find an old bungalow with tons of character that we could gut and make our own, so the idea of building didn't sound so appealing, but that doesn't mean I wasn't open to it. Location was the most important thing to us so when we ultimately made the decision to buy a teardown instead of a fixer upper, I immediately went home and started googling home exteriors. After spending hours on Pinterest and Houzz - leaving me feeling like I wanted to poke my eyes out - I realized I wasn't going to find everything I wanted in one home. I began gathering photos of homes I liked and when meeting with architects, I would describe the style of our future home to resemble a modern bungalow / farmhouse.  By the way, our architect has been such an asset. There's no way we could have come up with anything close to what they've already designed for us. 

Here are a few photos inspirational photos I sent to our architect. You'll notice an obsession with cedar shingles and black and white homes.

SF Girl by the Bay

There's something about an all black exterior that excites me. It's like having a little part of Sweden or Denmark in the states.


Love the white siding in different widths!

Southern Fried Homes

I'm loving the natural cedar shingle look but not sure I want to deal with the cost and maintenance.

Wit and Delight

The beach home above was the closet thing to my perfect home. Although our new home won't look much like this, I'm still pretty obsessed with it. 


Christine Dovey

And here's what our architect sent back and asked which board we like most. Which board are you most drawn to? Can you see the differences between the two? It took me awhile...





I love certain things about both inspiration boards, but overall, board two had a leg up on board one. It still has the clean lines and texture of board one but with more dimension.  

I can't wait to show you the finished product once it's complete. Soon, soon! In the meantime, things are moving along. This week we'll have our soil test done to figure out whether we'll do slab or pier and beam, and the following week the home demolition begins. Break ground - November 2015! Stay tuned!