We closed on our first home as a married couple! Yippie! But there's a catch... 

We're tearing it down! As much as I wanted to restore an old home, when it came down to finding the right home, in our perfect location, and at a fair price (fair considering the crazy Austin market), there just wasn't enough inventory for it to make sense. Austin is growing like wildfire and I don't predict the real estate market will change in our favor anytime soon. Plus, we were competing with builders who are willing to pay more than a fair price to kick people like us to the curb, which worked a few times but not this time. Here's how it went down.

At the last second, after we had put in our initial offer and were in the midst of countering the home owners counter offer, a builder swooped in and offered a much higher price, no inspection period, and an earlier closing date. Really?! This can't be happening. At that point we had lost some negotiating power and had to ask ourselves how much we really wanted this house/piece of land. AND WE WANTED IT BAD! We made our final offer that was still less than the builders offer, and fortunately, the owners happen to really like our personal letter and that we WERE NOT builders. So there!! You annoying, mosquito-esque creatures. We got ya this time.

We closed on the house in June, and I've been chipping away at a to-do list ever since. Meeting with architects, builders, their references, speaking with lenders, applying for home insurance, meeting with the city, talking to more architects, the list goes on. I've learned more than I can fully soak up over the last couple months but am loving every minute of it.

I've posted exterior photos of the beauty below. If you're lucky, maybe I'll share interior photos with you, but like I said, only if you're lucky. In all seriousness, I don't really have any. It seems pointless considering we'll be tearing it down and starting from scratch.

Welcome to Scye's Casa!

Bouldin Faust Casa

Just a couple of nerds. (Bah-bye chain link fence.)

Landscaping will be a top priority.

View of the back of the house.


Backyard View 

Many of you might be asking, "do we get to keep the truck?" Of course I asked, but sadly no. The family is emotionally attached to the sky blue antique beauty. But at least we got a photo in front of it, right?! The picture is 100X's cooler. At least I think so.

Please follow along on the blog as I continue to share the entire process from start to finish. It's going to be an eventful but exciting year! 

Happy 4th of July!