Delays are Okay

The word "delay" is commonly heard in the construction world and we haven't even entered that phase of the project. As much as I'm dying to get to the meat of the project, the meat being the actual building of our new home, my interior inspiration, finishes I'm obsessing over, etc, but  unfortunately, we're not there yet, nor ready.

Here's the status of the current house. Yep, still standing.

Which turned out not to be such a bad thing. Randomly, a guy contacted us about moving it for free which was music to my ears. This may set us back a couple weeks, but I'd rather see the materials repurposed than thrown into a dumpster and we save a few bucks along the way. He is on schedule to move the home next month. Once that's done, I will call the demolition company to clean up whatever he leaves behind, which will include the concrete slab, a few piers, a not so pretty shed, and a couple tree stubs. Keeping fingers crossed that it all happens on schedule.

Design delays.... In my last post I wrote about our home exteriors. Since then, we've had a few issues with the design of our front facade. To put it bluntly, it's been a thorn in my side. I'm sure our architects would say the same. We had already submitted plans to the city, our structural engineer had his design done, so the timing wasn't the best. We went back and forth with our architects changing/moving windows, posts, eaves, and so on... and nothing was feeling right. UGH, the frustration. After weighing the timeline and financial repercussions, which actually were very small, we chose to go back to the drawing board. 

I think the biggest problem was addressing our differences in style. We knew early on this could present a problem, we just liked them so much that we were willing to look past that. In order to get over this hump, because I believe the fun part is right around the corner, we sat down together and really hashed out what we wanted our future home to look like. 

My style: more traditional with modern elements and screams "Austin, TX!"

Georgian Design & J Taylor Designs

Architects style and inspiration for our home: more modern. 

Arch Design ReviewLush Home

Don't get me wrong, these are a couple badass houses, but we're not in an uber modern neighborhood. We have a small lot that is surrounded by older homes; therefore, we needed to find a way to mesh the two styles so that they're excited and motivated to do their best work, while accomplishing our desire for a cozy, more traditional home that feels like Austin. 

So how do we do that? COMMUNICATION - more of it and early on so no time is wasted. For example, I hadn't actually told them I prefer symmetry and am not a huge fan of funky shaped windows and weird roof lines. I thought this was pretty obvious, but I was wrong (enter "never assume"). My opinion might be different if we were living somewhere like LA, but in our neighborhood it just didn't feel right. We also hadn't talked much about smaller exterior details. I felt our home was missing the cool window trim and siding details I kept seeing in other homes that made them unique. Come to find out, those details don't come until later. Good to know now. There are more examples but I won't bore you. All that matters now is that we're feeling good about the design.

Now that me, the hubby, and architects are all on the same page, we can hopefully get back on schedule and I can start talking about more of the fun stuff. In time, the house will be built, and it will be awesome! And yes, I'm so ready!

Have a great weekend!