My Copper Crush

Copper has been a popular trend for awhile now, and I don't see it coming to an end anytime soon. It's classy, transitional, and adds spunk to a space - and who doesn't like a little spunk? 

The other day I came across these gorgeous copper pendants while researching lighting for our home. 

Paper Blog

Designer, Tom Dixon, makes this beautiful pendant light that works well in so many spaces. I would love to somehow incorporate this into our home. Downside, it is pricey. I found this similar version below for half the price. 

Tom Dixon Inspired Copper Pendant via Etsy

The Etsy shop, RV Supply Co, offers five different sizes ranging from 20 - 45 centimeters. I think these would work well in our entryway or over the kitchen bar. The kitchen would need two 25 cm pendants where the entry would need one larger sized pendant. I will share the final decision and reveal soon.

Wishing you all a spectacular week!